3d Pipes

NRG ONE presents a new stage of polymeric pipes and constructions with wall hollow (cellular) structure for water supply and water disposal.

These kinds of pipes that can be used in municipalities, industrial enterprises and water supply systems nowadays are the most competitive and environmentally friendly in comparison with analogues.

The main advantages of the offered technology are:

– ability to weld pipes on the spot
– pipe 10 meters in diameter (world analogues are only up to 4 meters)
– high chemical resistance
– simplicity and reliable welding ( complicated shapes welding)
– high resistance to abrasion (wear), low resistance to the flow of liquids, free-flowing materials, chemical solutions, cold-resistance, seismic stability, high impact resilience at operating temperature range
– low specific weight with high rigidity ring to external mechanical loads (including cyclic)
– resistance to radioactive substances
– non-toxic, the possibility of using in contact with potable water and food
– an ease of installation and low operating costs

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